Monday, May 2, 2011

A Million Memories in two DVDs!!!

REVOLUTIONIZE: SSC Alumnae Homecoming 2011 DVD now available FOR SALE!

The 2-DVD set includes the complete Homecoming Program, videos of the Swatch Launch, Homecoming Dinner and After Party, AVP's of Batch 86 Canada and Northern California

Plus!!! More than 250 pictures for individual printing! Only PhP350 (or USD10) per set (not including Shipping and Handling). There are only 100 pcs produced so hurry and order now while supplies last! (For our US-based batchmates, Elaine Saul-Baloloy will be there by this Saturday so if you want her to send you a copy, please send us an email. You'll have to shoulder shipping costs from East Coast, ok? Thanks!

Please send Becky Malto Feliciano an email at for your orders

Thursday, February 24, 2011

How do you revolutionize a homecoming?

by Maria Carmina P. Jauregui (aka Minnie)

1986. It was the year when our country fought oppression in a bloodless manner and every Filipino stood tall and proud, as we showed the world that the pursuit of democracy was possible.

A month after the EDSA revolt, I was part of the graduating batch of St. Scholastica’s College Manila, hopeful of the future that lay ahead, but in a way, bittersweet since I would be missing the nonchalance and rebellion that I indulged in during my teenage years. Of course, the momentous People Power revolution left an imprint in my head that the power of the people and the strength of faith can move mountains, and at that the time the Marcos dictatorship was a gargantuan Everest to conquer. But my joy as a sixteen-year old was doubly amplified since a Scholastican, Corazon Cojuangco Aquino, took on the presidency that would take care of the much needed makeover for the home of democracy.

Over time, my batchmates and I achieved college degrees and took on our dream jobs. Some succumbed to higher learning and became masters in their field. Some found sheer success in raising children, inculcating in them values anchored on our alma mater motto: “Ora et Labora” (Prayer and Work). As years unraveled, most of us had our fair share of corporate turmoil, romantic coups and financial unrest, still we found ourselves exercising prayer power to cope with the day’s stressful grind and never-ending duties in the domestic front. Somewhere along the way, our idealism was challenged and that fire of EDSA that spewed faith, unity and fearlessness was sometimes relegated in the backburner. But I surmise that what the revolution a quarter of century ago taught us should be always be revisited to make things happen. Be it for a simple feat like a high school homecoming.

Last February 6, St. Scholastica’s College of Manila held its homecoming and my batch sponsored the said celebration. Our battlecry was “Revolutionize” – a theme that could not have been more apt in encapsulating the mindset we had when we left the Malate campus to the present outlook we now have as mothers, professionals and as Filipinas who still fight for what is right in our lives. With so much passion in our hearts, revolutionizing our silver homecoming would be something we would readily embrace.

Transform. Be Different. Dare. Restore.
One powerful word that served as the
homecoming theme of SSC HS Batch ’86.

The power of technology was integral for the batch to see its homecoming vision reach its fruition. Once the steering committee was in place, everything followed. High school cliques had virtual reunions via Facebook, updates for fundrasing projects were made on Twitter, queries were exchanged via text and announcements were posted on the batch blogsite. Scholasticans from all over the world were kept in the loop on various batch undertakings from garage sales, movie and play sponsorships to Tears for Fears concert ticket sales to what will actually transpire on the day we take that trip down kulasa lane as 40-year-olds.
And true enough, the Grand Alumnae Homecoming of SSC was a heartwarming success. Seeing Scholasticans of all ages going back to the school grounds was a touching sight. Bumping into familiar faces in a familiar place had everyone in a true-blue reminiscing mood. The merriment kicked off with a solemn mass at the Main Chapel. The homily struck a chord in the jubilarians as Fr. Johnny Go, SJ; our officiating priest, talked about how homecomings can direct a person to have a revolution of the heart.
Then St. Cecilia’s Hall became the next venue for Scholasticans to show the stuff they are made of. After the Philippine National Anthem was performed by the Philippine Research for Developing Instrumental Soloists (PREDIS), the Alma Mater Song was performed by the SSC High School Glee Club. An invocation was given by St. Scholastica’s College President Sister Angelica Leviste, OSB. Also present was Mrs. Lourdes Castro-Roa, president of the Alumnae Foundation of SSC. Then Sister Mary John Manazan, OSB, Mother Prioress of SSC, delivered her poignant message to the jubilarians. Sharing hosting chores that afternoon were the president and vice-president of the sponsoring homecoming batch (SSC HS 1986), Chinky de Leon and Mayet Amora-Yam. One of the noteworthy activities undertaken by my batch was the publication of “Little Laws for Little Ladies – A Handbook of Manners and Etiquette,” a modern version of a mimeographed booklet of the 70s which somehow served as our batch’s legacy to empower today’s young Scholastican. The said book was also presented to Scholastican alumnae.

This book, originally written by Guia Castillo in 1970,
was updated to provide the new breed of young students
with vital information on everyday etiquette.

Another achievement by SSC High School Batch of 1986 was the launch of the St. Scholastica’s College watch by Swatch. A thousand pieces of this commemorative Swatch watches were produced and sold in all Swatch branches throughout the country, and to date, all pieces were sold out. A portion of the proceeds of the sale supported the Corazon C. Aquino Professorial Chair fund of SSC. Miss Virgie Ramos, president of Gift Gate Philippines Inc., was present during the affair and she even mentioned in her speech that it was but fitting for St. Scholastica’s College to be the first school to have a commemorative watch from Swatch since the school produced the first female president of the country.

Launched last October 2010, the commemorative St. Scho watch by swatch was sold out and the sale of the proceeds funded the Corazon C. Aquino Professioral Chair of SSC.

It was a delight to see various Scholastican batches get into the groove for the homecoming production numbers. HS Batch of 1986 was the first to pump up the volume with an electrifying Madonna medley number. HS Batch of 1951 glittered with glamour as they bopped to “Diamonds are Forever” while HS Batch of 1956 opted to paint the theater red as they swayed to mean samba beat. What followed was an enticing dance number by HS Batch 1961 to Katy De La Cruz’s “Balut Penoy.” HS Batch of 1966 also had a dance medley of the hits of their generation. Upping the ante was the dazzling disco number of HS Batch of 1971, the feisty Charlie’s Angels moves of HS Batch of 1976, the fashionable Vogue number of HS Batch of 1981 and the rhythmic Debarge number of College Batch of 1986. The night was capped with a grand dance number by HS Batch of 1986 as they became slaves to the beat of favorite 80s icons. After the program, more reminiscing and reconnecting took place at the dinner party held at the SSC Open Field.

Flashback to the sound of the 80s that got scholasticans into the groove

At this day and age of revolutionizing technology, it was worthy to note that the homecoming festivities was viewed from all across the globe via live streaming. Videos from Scholasticans abroad were also aired during the program. All in all, the silver jubilee was a success because of batch unity, our minute version of people power.

St. Scho High School Batch of 1986 caught in homecoming fever

Two weeks have passed and I am still cuddling a hangover of memories of my homecoming and my high school days. We didn’t have a graduation ball back then but in hindsight, we are grateful for having a more momentous celebration such as the EDSA Revolution that would leave us dancing with liberty today. My mind is still stuck on the year 1986 when everyone was on a high. The same time when the whole country was celebrating its finest hour.
Twenty-five years ago, my batch, among others, was privileged enough to start our college life under a blanket of democracy. Each one of us was an heiress to a legacy of freedom that we gladly share with our growing families to this very day. Twenty-five years after, we are once again reminded that the freedom that fueled our teenage spirit is very much alive. Before, it was a Scholastican who carried that torch of hope for us Filipinos, and 25 years after, it is her son who is now steering our country to our much deserved greatness.
They say a revolution means a change in the way we think and behave. That Sunday in a campus along Leon Guinto Street, Scholasticans rediscovered the true meaning of a homecoming. We not only got to touch base with long lost friends and teachers, but we were made to remember what is good and noble in this world.

The school that produced the first female president of the Philippines

As we celebrate the anniversary of a milestone in our nation’s history, may we be reminded that for us to truly move forward in the future, we must take time out to look back into the past. I believe that every Filipino has the power to revolutionize. And you just might need to attend your own homecoming to realize that.

Friday, February 18, 2011

From Katy and Bea

Bea Arcenas wishes to share her homecoming hangover with all of you. Enjoy!

Our choreographer said Cyndi Lauper was the original Lady Gaga and I say Katy Perry is the Millennium Madonna, so for all those who missed the homecoming, or for those who just can’t get enough….this video is for you…

...just imagine 30 + Katy inspired Kulasas in Silver-Grey dancing on stage, plus a hundred more on the St. Scho field dance floor, complete with fireworks! (quick! click to see the fireworks!)

there's a spark in you
You just gotta ignite
The light
and let it shine
Just own the night
Like the Fourth of July!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

For Your Viewing Pleasure, Click on the Links! :)

Thank you Vicki, for sharing your video of the finale.

Thank you Patty, for sharing your version of the video with all the numbers performed by our batch!

I'm leaving a file on this blog so that our friends without facebook accounts can continue being a part of the celebration. Kindly share the link with the rest of the batch :)

Enjoy, all :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Mimosas (aka Canadian Kulasas)

The Scholasticans from other parts of the world have a message for everyone, too :)
More videos coming soon...

For Us That Have Been Light & Salt to One Another

"...homecomings allow you to touch base not only with people, but also with all that is good and noble that your alma mater has taught you, those slogans and cliches that the sisters and your teachers kept repeating and which have actually turned out to be true...

For those of us that were not able to attend our homecoming, we shared with you the program at St. Cecilia's hall via live feed. However, we weren't able to share the homecoming mass and the homily that was delivered specially for our batch. So once again, thanks to God for bringing us together through technology. Here is the homily from yesterday's mass. Please click on this link and take time to read it.


If you are have problems with your browser, pls cut and paste (or click) this link:

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Batch 86! Live From St Cecilia's Hall!

The day has come! Here's the link you've all been waiting for! BUT it only goes live at 4pm, Manila time. So don't worry if you don't see anything right now.

For those of us that can't make it today, our homecoming is coming to your homes LIVE! Click on this link to join all the Scholasticans! at St. Cecilia's Hall tonight.

In case you want to chat with everyone else that's watching live, you will have to sign up for an account which only takes 30 second of your time. Make sure that your user name is the name that's familiar to everyone so everyone knows who they are talking to.

Mass starts at 3 pm. Videos will start to run at 4 pm. The program with all our friends dancing begins at 5 pm. (Manila time, of course). If you check out the site right now, there is a test run going on. Yup, they're working this early to make sure everyone is a part of it! Let's remember to thank everyone that's been working so hard to bring us all together.

Thank you and see you all tonight!!!

Here's the link, just in case you need to cut and paste it on your browser.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

4 Days to Go!!!

After 25 years, we hope to see everyone in St Scho!!!

The balikbayans have been arriving and are excited to be reunited with friends, high school teachers, and familiar ground (I heard that lots of things have changed!). Everyone is looking forward to the dance number that will take you back to the 80's!!! That should be a lot of fun!

See you on Sunday, all!!! :)

P.S. There will also be a post-reunion dinner on Monday. Please contact Genny Cruz-Manalac. She is in charge of headcount.